Vibrating Mop
Does The Scrubbing
& Scouring For You!

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Mop Sonic

Mop Sonic’s Vibra Clean Technology Scrubs, Scours, and Gives You 4 Times The Cleaning Power!

Mop Sonic Vibrates, Separates, and Eliminates Dirt, Grime, Spills & Splatters!

  • Designed With Vibra-Clean Technology
  • Onboard Sprayer – Fill With Water Your Favorite Cleaning Fluid!
  • Sloppy Kitchen Spills Disappear
  • Clean Hard to Reach Ceiling Fans Easily
  • Separate, Agitate & Eliminate Dirt, Grit & Grim Once and For All
  • Remove Dirt From Even the Tiniest Pores in Your Floors
  • Get Rid of Toothpaste, Hair & Soggy Bathroom Footprints in Seconds!
  • Perfect for Baseboards & Hardwood Floors
  • Rotating 360° Swivel Head & Fold-to-the-Ground Handle For Hard to Reach Places
  • Reusable, Machine Washable, Advanced Micro-Fiber Cleaning Pads
  • Works on All Surfaces Including: Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl, Marble & Granite

Are you tired of trying to clean your floors with a dirty mop? Are you sick of that sloppy bucket that spills and splatters?

Now you can say goodbye to the bucket forever!
Introducing Mop Sonic!

It’s the incredible, versatile floor mop that will shake up the way you clean. Mop Sonic is designed with one of a kind Vibra-Clean Technology. It vibrates with 5000 powerful sonic pulses per minute. This powerful vibration agitation scrubs, scours, and gives you 4 times the cleaning power.

Sloppy kitchen spills like ketchup and broken eggs disappear like they were never there. In the bathroom, toothpaste, hair, and soggy footprints lift off the floor like never before. Even on your baseboards and hardwood floors, Mop Sonic’s dynamic vibrations deliver the clean of your dreams.

It lets you reach up high to get those ceiling fans that never get done. And with the vibration agitation, you can even mop up chewing gum!

The secret is one-of-a-kind Vibra-Clean Technology. As you push Mop sonic forward and back, thousands of side-to-side vibrations agitate, separate, and eliminate dirt, grit, and grime from all directions at once.

Plus, the machine washable, advanced micro-fiber cleaning pads work like dirt magnets. Thousands of microscopic fibers capture, trap, and remove dirt from the tiniest pores of your floors.

Mop Sonic works on all surfaces including tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and even marble and granite. 360° swivel head and fold-to-the-ground handle make it a breeze to clean hard-to-reach places, behind and around heavy furniture, and in tight corners under low-lying counters.